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Branding photography for social media marketing photos 

Going beyond head shots and using quality, professional photography across your website, social media and other digital channels not only catches the reader’s interest but also improves your visibility online. Images are one of the most valuable tools for getting better results from your content.
Visitors are 80% more likely to engage with content if it’s paired with an image and 64% more likely to remember what they read or heard.
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I'm so glad you dropped in, this means you are interested in professional branding images to promote what you do for your targeted audience.
There is no time like the now to be seen as the leader of your industry. We all need impressive images to promote on our marketing platforms and it's a competitive world out there and its important we stand out.

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What To Wear?

Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing. Its recommended that you wear something that is the best you can get. After all , this is all about your best face forwards.
Comfort is the key factor here, if you're not comfortable, it will show in the photo, so please make sure your clothing fits well and its pressed for the neatest look we can get. 

Jacket ? No Jacket ? 
That's easy... Bring your clothing options to the photo shoot.
The photos will tell you what looks better.

Bold colors are recommended to keep the focus on your face.

We suggest you bring a range of different colors and necklines. If you have any doubt about whether something will work or not just bring it along.

Keep the jewellery to a minimal, ensure you're groomed to the best you can even if it means getting your hair and make-up done for the shoot which all plays an important role to create a higher positive and professional impact.

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Posing is Easy!

Most of us cringe at the idea of posing for photos, but you can relax with me
(Sam - The cool chic with the cool camera) .
If you are not a natural or you have not been practicing your amazing business smile in front of the mirror, leave it up to me. This will not be a snap and go experience. I am passionate about PhotoHunter photography and want the best for you.
We will have you feeling comfortable and confident in no time, working the lighting and angles to give you the professional business image you are looking for impact.

Branding Profiles are usually the full body, and posing is made as natural as possible. No fashions shoot posing here.... Just being you is the best.
Relax, its now time to represent your brand photography with the best photos ever. How exciting !

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All Styles of Branding!

Professional photography can set the tone for your whole business, showing your potential customers that you are committed to providing them with professional service and quality product. Value your brand. 
We all know you should not judge a book by its cover – but when your customers are looking for a business to solve their problems, that’s exactly what they do. They search online, click on the search results, and come face to face with your website. Once the page is loaded, do they see a boring generic screen with options, or do they meet the warm, smiling faces of the team that can help? Having high-quality images will help potential customers to your business and the people who work there.
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Your Investment...

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Thank you for taking time to read this information, but please do feel free to contact us if you have questions, I'm here to help.
We look forward to hearing from you.