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Chromaluxe metal prints pop off the wall with amazing colour and clarity. If you love vibrant colours and gloss, they will be perfect for your work!

Your image is printed on a 7 channel sublimation printer (many suppliers will only use a 4-channel printer). We then custom-cut a Chromaluxe panel (available sizes up to 58×38″). We even let you order circles and hexagons for an entirely unique look!

Also available are our super cute Mini Metals! Designed to free stand on a desk top, bookshelf, coffee table etc, these Mini Metals are available in the following sizes

  • 8×8 square
  • 10×10 square
  • 12×12 square
  • 10×8 landscape or portrait
  • 12×8 landscape or portrait

The finished product is amazingly sharp and will perfectly showcase your work. It is backed with an easy aluminium hanging system that can be easily paired with hooks, screws or virtually any 3M product.


  • Genuine Chromaluxe panels in any size from 8×10″ to 58×38″ (circles available to a maximum of 38″ diameter)
  • 7-channel sublimation printer for amazing colour
  • Easy aluminium hanging system can be used in any orientation
  • 60 year product warranty based on materials used.
  • Approx. 1 week turnaround


Please contact us for specialised quotes.

Brisbane Docks - METAL

  • Archival Canvas Prints by PhotoHunter

    We use genuine, archival-grade canvas purchased directly from the U.S.A. Our canvas is a heavy-weight 450gsm, free of artificial whiteners and offers amazing colour and definition.

    A quality frame ensures your print won’t warp and will look the same in 75 years as it does today. We create each frame using premium, double-profiled meranti hardwood in any size required. The double-beveled profile means your print sits flush against the wall, and the outline of the timber won’t show through the front of the canvas.

    Our prints come ready to hang. Unlike some other printers, we don’t view the ability to hang the canvas as optional extra. All our prints come finished at the back with acid-free frame tape and gallery-quality hooks, screws and wire.

    We use genuine archival inks. At PhotoHunter, we use only genuine Canon pigment inks which produce high-definition images with crisp tones and vibrant colours. Our ink/canvas combination has been tested by an independent research lab to last 75 years without fading.

    We offer lamination to make your prints last longer. An unlaminated print is like a photo without a frame; over time, the corners will begin to tear and crease. All our prints are laminated with a coat of UV-protective, waterproof and antifungal laminate, ensuring your canvas print will last well into the future.

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