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Know About Me?

Executive Portrait & Corporate Head shot Photographer | Helping You Make A Great First Impression Without Saying A Word

Research shows that people make their decision to trust you within 100 milliseconds of seeing your face regardless of whether it is a photo of you or seeing you in person.

Talk about the importance of making a solid first impression, right?

In a world where people search you online well before meeting with you, there is no better way to gain someone’s trust and boost your reputation than by having professional photography

Corporate head shots can ace first impressions and build trust, and when done right, they’ll convey the important values of your business.

As a leader, your executive portrait should demonstrate the quality you deliver daily.

Your clients are looking for trustworthy, approachable and professional individuals and your photograph will give an immediate impression of you and your business.

It can attract the right people to you, engage them to find out more and build trust, without you saying a single word.

I have experience creating a wide-variety of business photography and would be happy to help you plan out the type of imagery that will best suit your needs.

Whether it’s for an executive, entrepreneur, or your whole team, I am skilled at helping people relax in front of the camera and drawing out your best, most engaging selves.

I create memorable, images that will inspire people to reach out and learn more about your business.

My service is hassle free and works around your agenda ensuring the least amount of disruption to your workday.  You can choose to have your photos done in studio, in your office or on a specific location.

To discuss your needs simply go to LETS TALK and book a Free 20 minute Showcase Brain Storming Session to see if and how I can help you create a great first impression.

Sam Hunter Branding Photography PhotoHunter
Sam Hunter Branding Photography PhotoHunter
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Our partnerships

Julie Mason
LinkedIn Sales Strategist & Trainer

Helping Businesses Generate Leads & Sales Through LinkedIn Easily & Elegantly

Sam Hunter Branding Photography PhotoHunter - Julie Mason

With over 25 years in traditional sales including 15 years in door-to-door cold calling and over 10 years in online marketing, Julie brings a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and the mindset necessary to be successful.

Regarded as one of the top LinkedIn sales strategists in the world, Julie has been featured on the cover of Social Media Success Magazine Australia, is the LinkedIn Tutor for the University of Sydney and

Julie has helped thousands of businesses owners, salespeople and entrepreneurs to position themselves with authority, connect with their ideal client and navigate the sales process successfully with ease and elegance.

It's Personal - PhotoHunter
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It’s Personal Hair  | Skin   | Beauty … feel the calm, the tranquility and the relaxing vibes at our unique hair salon in the heart of Capalaba. We love watching our clients transform from stressed to calm as they enjoy being pampered and cared for with one to one attention.

The noise and buzz of a traditional salon has no place in our lounge. We have replaced the noise with soft music and beautiful essential oils. We have replaced the buzz with relaxing head massages and personal attention from our professional hairdressers. Our service is all about you from start to finish, without interruptions and without waiting for others to finish.

Sam Hunter Branding Photography PhotoHunter
Sam Hunter Branding Photography PhotoHunter

Now, let me start with saying – I’m a little disappointed in how the jewellery industry has been operating.

They’ve taken what should be the happiest moments of your life, and added in so many hoops, to maximise profits, while taking advantage of the most hypnotic feeling in the world, making the decision to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.

If you ask me, I don’t know how they’ve been able to mass manufacture love, and romance – but they have.

The process of finding a diamond engagement ring is now stressful and expensive (especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for).

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