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I have the power to change people’s lives.

My name is Sam Hunter. I have loved photography for many years. I'm the business owner of PhotoHunter and live and breathe what I do because it is my passion.

The enjoyment from my photography is watching people transform from being unsure about themselves in front of my lens to loving what they see through the images that I have taken.

Going through the process of being photographed is an amazing time we spend together and witnessing people build their confidence, brand, and their income has given me the extended drive to keep doing what I love.


My speciality is capturing that perfect moment when you least expect it as your comfort will set in and we will feel like friends before the shoot is over, just wait and see.

My business is about making you feel incredible from within and giving you that vision of greatness for who you are and what you have. Business or personal shoots mean the same to me as its about giving you that feeling of emotion as the images speaks loud and clear without a word spoken. It truly is the best part of my day when I hear my clients calling on the phone to share their happiness with me.

I do believe that first impressions count and there is no looking back after that. PhotoHunter is about moving forward with that level of poise you can hold with pride.

Enjoy the purpose of this historical moment and remember, First Impressions Count.

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It’s Personal Boutique Hair Lounge… feel the calm, the tranquility and the relaxing vibes at our unique hair salon in the heart of Capalaba. We love watching our clients transform from stressed to calm as they enjoy being pampered and cared for with one to one attention.

The noise and buzz of a traditional salon has no place in our lounge. We have replaced the noise with soft music and beautiful essential oils. We have replaced the buzz with relaxing head massages and personal attention from our professional hairdressers. Our service is all about you from start to finish, without interruptions and without waiting for others to finish.


Hello I’m Elva

I create personal, intimate and meaningful ceremonies.

Full of love, joy and laugher and perhaps a few tears.

I am an enthusiastic, caring and professional Celebrant.

I am also intuitive and can pick up on a couple’s vibe to create a very personal, and unique ceremony.

If you are wanting to elope (Elopement Packages available) or if you would like a wedding ceremony please contact me for a no obligation chat.

I can’t wait to marry you!

Be Marriedbyelva


“My Experience is your Assurance”


As I DJ most weekends please feel free to nominate a preferred time for me to call you back to discuss your personalised event, I prefer the “personalised service” of talking to people as opposed to a generic email response.

Most Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights I am DJing & if you message during this period your message may not be returned within the normal 24 hour timeframe.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Now, let me start with saying – I’m a little disappointed in how the jewellery industry has been operating.

They’ve taken what should be the happiest moments of your life, and added in so many hoops, to maximise profits, while taking advantage of the most hypnotic feeling in the world, making the decision to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.

If you ask me, I don’t know how they’ve been able to mass manufacture love, and romance – but they have.

The process of finding a diamond engagement ring is now stressful and expensive (especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for).

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