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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

We all know by now, that your photo shoot is about the best you can be to showcase your style and professionalism to stand out from the crowd and create that first impacted impression.

I want you looking and feeling your absolute best which will result in the ultimate showcase results.

Let's step through some important points together and make this process an experience you will be bragging about for years and cant wait to show off your jaw dropping showcase photos.



Most ladies wear some level of make up and yes, its is important that your skin is looking as healthy as possible. Editing is generally applied for that overall professional look, however, making sure your makeup is done correctly and naturally is going to assist with that "professional" showcase look.

Make up artists are available to assist if you wanted to enhance with the final touches. If you are doing your own makeup and confident with that, then a makeup artist is not necessary but it does help. They have all the right products to remove shine from your face and have the experience and knowledge of photographic makeup.

You don't want your makeup to be overdone to the point it just does't look like you or you are uncomfortable with something you are not used to, but lets face it... this is your photography adventure and all about putting your best face forward.


Ladies, the last thing we want is frizzy hair or unwanted bits flying around in the background or hair landing on your face. It looks unruly and take ages to edit out, sometimes to the point that it makes the photo over touched.

Our hair is a massive part of who we are and despite of the kind of hair you have (straight, curly, frizzy, wavy, afro....) its that perfection that is going to show that you have made the effort to present yourself the very best you can.

Your personal preference is imperative here when deciding on the style or cut for your showcase shoot as you still want it to look like you in your everyday appearance.

Have your hair styled the way you feel you look your best and be comfortable with that. Only you know what looks more appealing on you so stick with that. Your stylist can also give advice as to how you could wear it.

If you are anything like me, you may have some grey's coming through, so if this is something you do not want showing in your final image, then it is recommended you get your hair colored a few days before the shoot.

Trying out new hair style is probably not a good idea in case you're not feeling it was the best plan, so stick with what you know looks best on you. A dramatic change could make or break the way you feel about your overall look.


Although some images don not show your hands, its still important that they are well manicured for obvious reason. Seeing chipped nail polish or broken nails will stand out in your image as people are looking at the full picture.

You don't have to rush out and get your nails done, but having them neat and clean is a top tip.


Dress to Impress

I'm sure you have that best corporate jacket you love so much or a favorite dress that makes you feel good (and even get compliments when wearing it). You would generally pick those items or something that fits you well. It will show in the photos if you have squeezed into your outfit or its falling off you. Make sure your clothing sits comfortable and well pressed.

When branding yourself , its important to keep your style consistent so its flows professionally throughout your marketing platforms. The colors you choose for your shoot should be tone matched with your branding colors. We want your style of professionalism to stand out from the crown and make a first impression that attracts your targeted audience, not clothing that clashed with your brand.

Bring a few jackets so that you have the option of choosing from your proof viewing session what looks best.

Make sure your outfits are laundered before the shoot and hang them up in the car (if coming to the studio) to avoid them being crinkled.


Who loves the BLING?

If you said you "yes" and always wear it, then wear it, however you don't want to overdo the accessories as it will take the focus way from your face.

Its recommended that you keep it simple and neat to coordinate with your outfit. Its time to have some fun and get your best bling out to enhance your overall showcase image.


I can't walk far in these shoes but I love them so much!

Did you know that wearing heels changes your posture? This can help you stand up straighter in your shoot naturally.

Some of us have that favorite pair of shoes that we don't usually wear because they are either too high, hard to walk in or even don't fit us properly, but for some strange reason we cant part with them because they look so damn good. Now you have a good reason to use them!

You don't have to walk around in them, you just have to sit or stand in the one spot so feel free to bring those to your shoot. Lets face it, you kept them for a reason right!

Corporate is an image in our heads that you must wear heels. Yes, it helps keep our womanly appearance, however if you are not a heels person, wear whats comfortable for you. Not all shoots need heels and most of the time your feet are not even in the frame.

Clean your shoes before the shoot and remove the scuff marks from them, or even better still, treat yourself (through this exciting dress up adventure) and get a new pair. We all love shoes shopping right!

Depending on your style and message or branding, you may even have bare feet. Its all about the vibe you are setting and the message you want your viewers to read through the power of photography.

Once again, make sure you nails are done, especially if you are not wearing shoes.

As your professional photographer, I tailor all my shoots to be the best you can possibly be. Making these efforts and considering these preparation points will showcase your branding images to the highest standard that you have envisioned.

The pictures blow are of me (mwah) and as you can see , my style changes (as I do) which keeps my impressions up dated and meets the promotion material I'm doing at the time.

I hope this perpetration information has helped you with any questions you may have before your shoot and please reach out if you have a specific question that I didn't cover here today.

My name is Sam and I'm excited to hear about your visions and where you would like to take that for your branding imagery.


Lights - Camera - Action - Dress Up time !

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