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Gentlemen don't think that its only the ladies that should be preparing for their showcase photo shoot.

You want to be looking your best too right!

Its not as hard as you may think, so here are a few essential pointers to make your first impressions count. And we all know how important that is with the competitive world of social media now.

Let’s “stop the scroll” and have your images head and should above the rest.


We want you looking your best, and the photo will show the efforts you have made for your first impression.

Sure, retouching can be done to remove blemishes, tired bags under the eyes and even the odd unwanted facial hair. But to have your portrait looking the best we can, the less retouching is needed for that more natural look.

You sure don’t want your face to be overdone as it just doesn’t look as good.

So, in saying this… its time for a little bit of man grooming… if you don’t already.


Your hair is a massive part of who we are and despite of the kind of hair you have (straight, curly, frizzy, wavy, afro....) its that perfection that is going to show that you have made the effort to present yourself the very best you can.

Now would be a good time to get that trim if you have been holding it off. Looking sharp for your corporate branding imagery is how I work and why the photos look their best.

Getting a trim is all you need to look neat, and if you have longer hair, washing it and making sure its not unruly is highly recommended.

This is not the time to try out new or drastic hair styles for your shoot, just a long as it neat, you will have that overall polished look for your final images to showcase.

Have your hair styled the way you feel you look your best and be comfortable with that. Only you know what looks more appealing on you so stick with that. Your stylist can also give advice as to how you could wear it.

If you are anything like my partner, you could look extremely handsome with grey hair , so if this is something you do not want showing in your final image, then it is recommended you get your hair colored a few days before the shoot. Remember Gentlemen , its a personal preference and how your feel comfortable.

We Recommend Its Personal Boutique hair Lounge - for stylish hair designs.


Although some images do not show your hands, its still important that they are well manicured for obvious reason.

The weekend outdoors work is not what we want to see on your hand.

Trim and clean your nail the best you can.

Teeth and Skin:

Eating before your shoot is perfectly ok, providing you clean your teeth afterwards. Your smile needs to be as fresh as you are.

Its a good idea to moisturizer your skin the morning of your shoot (if you don't do it daily already) Having your skin soft and natural with less editing is best for the final results.

Facial Hair:

Men, if you have a beard its best to manicure it before your shoot. Just like your hair cut… keep it simple and neat. It’s the polished look remember, so get trimming and show off your facial hair.

Nose and ear hair… I know I know, as we get older there is hair in places, we don’t really like growing, but this is life, and it must go. Another trim on these areas will make that difference you are looking for.

Same goes for eyebrows. If you have a few runaways, just snip them off with the scissors or if you’re game enough... pluck them out.

This is all part of man grooming and will give you the high-end corporate finish for that first impression.

There are some great man trimmers out there that have extensions for all these grooming needs.


Its time to iron those shirts and shine your shoes gentleman.

Nothing looks more professional than clothing that FITS you properly.

I have had the privilege of having a suit tailor made for myself and if it’s that level you want to be at, feeling 100% comfortable and looking 100% your best, then its Black Jacket Suiting is who you want to connect with.

They will measure you up and recommend the right fit for you. From Materials, styles, cuts and event colors. You won’t be disappointed.

Dress to Impress:

The most common questions I get asked is “tie, or no tie”. “Jacket or no jacket”

It is recommended that you wear a jacket, especially if you are a person of authority and your industry fits this look.

Bring a few jackets so that you have the option of choosing from your proof viewing session what looks best.

Make sure your outfits are laundered before the shoot and hang them up in the car (if coming to the studio) to avoid them being crinkled.

What To Wear? Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing. It’s recommended that you wear something like what you would wear in the office... Or maybe this is a good excuse to get a new suit.

Comfort is the key factor here, if you're not comfortable, it will show in the photos, so please make sure your clothing fits well. Too tight or loose will not give you that showcase level and for the result we want, it will show in the photos if your clothing is not sitting right for your body shape.

For professionally fitted suits and advice, We recommend

Jacket or No Jacket?

Usually, the answer is Jacket, however, bringing your clothing options to the photo shoot can help determine what looks best.

On your way to the studio or your location shoot, its best to hang your freshly pressed jacket on a hanger until shoot time. We need you to look as fresh as possible. The photos will tell you what looks better for showcase material at viewing time. Don’t forget to wear something similar in your shoot that you would wear to work. Bold colors are recommended to keep the focus on your face. Usually it’s no patterns – stripes etc…. unless this is what you are known for “the busy shirt guy” then go crazy. So in other words, keep it simple. We suggest you bring a range of different colors (bold) and necklines. If you have any doubt about whether something will work or not... just bring it along.

Its best you try it on at home first (at least a day before the shoot) to make sure it fits correctly, and you feel comfortable.


Black Jacket Suiting Recommendations

It's A Corporate Affair

At Black Jacket Suiting they advocate purchase versatility and practicality for easy transition from the boardroom to casual Fridays and everything in-between. They arm their clients with the knowledge of what their shape is, how a suit should fit to complement their style and boost their confidence, and how they should look after their suits to maximise their investment.

There are many suggestions and guild lines to follow to get the best out of your suits, and how to wear them. And because we all have different sizes and body shapes, here are a few introduction tips from Black Suit Jacket to get you started.


Patterned Suits:

Avoid horizontal lines. Go for -Vertical thin lines.

Short fits of the rack – same widths.

Shorter trouser brakes and slimmer on the ankle.

Peak lapels can be used to accentuate shoulder line

Sleeves – align with the bottom of the watch band – show cuff.

Darker Tones

Too much in the crotch is bad. Makes the man look like he has short legs.

Shorter man recommended to wear pants in their traditional position to increase length of legs.

2 button jackets

Neat, Tapered trousers


Stick to two button suits – anything less will flair.

Show minimal shirt cuff and ensure you go for a ‘long fit’

More break in the trouser leg.

Wear a belt to show distinguish your waistline.

Keep in mind you do have room to ‘let down’ sleeve and hems in the seam allowances – tailoring can be very effective.

Stripes are recommended to be further apart. Weight in the stripes as well.

Ticket pocket to make taller man look more proportional.

Three Button jacket.

Avoid cropped jackets and pants. It will make you look like you outgrew your suit.

Trousers should break on the shoes.

Slimmer Lapels


Don’t wear slim ties – they get lost – stick to at a minimum of 7 cm width.

Wear light weighted fabrics – gives comfort, breath ability and appears less bulky.

Ensure a moderate amount of crotch room – it is easiest to start with a more generous cut and have the crotch brought in.

Make sure the back side is fitted/flattering.

Suspenders are a nice touch and allow for a more comfortable waistband.

Never go un tucked – everyone.

Better to have loose fit around the midsection.

Vertical lines and dark solid colors are good.

2 button jackets with a deep V to help elongate the chest.

Peak lapels on a single breast suit.

Large slant side pockets


Keep in mind you will need a split sized suit – ‘meaning’

Jacket: Always work from the shoulders first – get them right and slim the middle area later – you want seam and should touch the wall same time.

Trousers: Always work from the thighs first and adjust the waistband later.

Avoid thick peak lapels as your shoulder are most probably broad enough.

Avoid padding in jacket

Slim sides.


Horizontal lines are good. Textured fabrics are good.

Double breast and double pleated trousers are good.

Narrow Lapels

Padding in jacket


Reduce padding in shoulders

No check patterns.

Stripes and dark solids


Check fabrics

Double breast

Heavier fabrics


Dark solids and stripes.

Aim for lean and straight

2 button suits

Single Vent jackets


Thin lapels

Tighter U-rise

Double vents

THE MUSCULAR GUY (Top and Bottom heavy)

Soft shoulders. Minimal padding

Larger lapels.

Slightly longer jacket

Pleated trousers


This is the time to get your best business shoes out and give them the shine treatment that makes them look their best. Just like you.

Leave the runners at home, no one wants to be wearing casual shoes in a corporate shoot. That style could be for a fashion shoot or something that is styled to wear casual shoes.

“Slip on” shoes are easy, just give them a polish and make sure they are in good condition. If you have laces, please ensure your laces are like new and not frayed at the ends. Also give them a polish up.

These finer details make all the difference for that showcase level.


Give yourself enough time to arrive at your shoot location, this will keep you calm and content for your shoot.

My name is Sam and I'm excited to hear about your visions and where you would like to take that for your branding imagery.


Lights - Camera - Action - Dress Up time !

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