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Styling Your Branding Photography


In the visually-driven world of marketing, branding photography is not just about capturing images; it's about storytelling and creating a visual identity that resonates with your audience. As a professional photographer specializing in branding, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of well-styled photos in elevating a brand. In this guide, I'll share key insights on how to style your branding photography to align with your brand identity and industry.

Rob Machin Branding Photo | PhotoHunter
Rob Machin | Executive Coach

Understanding Your Brand

Before diving into styling, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your brand. What are your core values? Who is your target audience? What message do you want to convey? Your brand's personality, whether it's professional, playful, innovative, or rustic, should be the cornerstone of your styling approach.

PhotoHunter Styling your banding imagery
PhotoHunter Styling Your Banding Imagery

Choosing a Style That Reflects Your Brand

  • Consistency is Key: Your styling should be consistent with your brand's color scheme, fonts, and overall aesthetic. This consistency helps in building brand recognition.

  • Industry Relevance: The style of your photos should speak to your specific industry. For example, a tech company might opt for a modern, minimalist look, while a bakery might go for a warm, inviting style.

  • Context Matters: Consider the context in which the images will be used – website, social media, print media, etc. This can influence the composition and style of the photos.

executive man standing at desk - PhotoHunter
Steve Healey

Wardrobe and Props

Your choice of clothing and props can significantly impact the feel of your branding photos.

  • Wardrobe: Choose outfits that reflect your brand's personality. If you’re a corporate brand, formal attire works best. For more creative industries, you might opt for something more casual and expressive.

  • Props: Props should add to the story without distracting. They should be relevant to your brand and help in conveying your message.

PhotoHunter - Branding photography with Helen Harrison
Helen Harrison

Location and Backdrop

The location and backdrop of your photoshoot can set the tone for your branding images.

  • On-Brand Locations: Choose locations that resonate with your brand. A tech company might shoot in a modern office space, while a fitness brand might opt for an outdoor setting.

  • Backdrops: Use backdrops that complement your brand colors and theme. They shouldn’t overpower the subject but rather enhance the overall aesthetic.

Executive Coach | Rob Machin

Lighting and Composition

Good lighting and composition are crucial in branding photography.

  • Lighting: Natural lighting works well for most branding photos as it can help create a genuine, approachable look. Studio lighting can be used for more polished, high-end results.

  • Composition: The composition should guide the viewer’s eye towards the most important elements in the photo. It’s about balancing the subject, background, and any props used.

Rob Machin | Executive Coach


Post-processing is where your photos truly come to life. Ensure the editing style is consistent with your brand's look and feel. Avoid over-editing; the goal is to enhance, not alter the reality too much.


Remember, branding photography is more than just taking pictures; it's a strategic tool to build your brand identity. By carefully considering the style, wardrobe, props, location, lighting, and composition, you can create images that not only look professional but also tell your brand’s unique story.

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